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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Tired of cleaning the pool? Well Pool Pro has that covered with an automatic pool cleaner to suit every pool. Every pool has a different need when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. You can be confident that when you purchase an automatic cleaner from Pool Pro it will be perfectly suited to your pools requirements.

Have a leaf problem? No problem. Pool Pro has an automatic pool cleaner that can handle leaf problems. Each model of automatic pool cleaner is designed for particular pool interiors. Some pool cleaners are designed for vinyl lined pools, some for marble sheen, tiled pools or fibreglass interiors. Some are designed to overcome leaf problems, some climb walls and some don’t, some are noisy some are quiet. Well stress no more. Pool Pro will professionally assist you in choosing the correct automatic pool cleaner for your pool.
Relax more and let a Pool Pro automatic cleaner do the work.

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Acrobat GT Diaphragm Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaner suits all pool types, with 12 x 1mt lengths of hose



Pool Shark Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaner suitable for Vinyl Lined pools. Comes with 10mt of hose



Sand Shark Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaner for fibreglass an vinyl lined pools



Mako Shark Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaner for all pool surfaces hammer operated



Great White Cleaner New

Automatic pool cleaner for all concrete and pebble pools. Comes with 11mt of hose



iCleaner120 Robot Cleaner Light Blue

Light blue colour, suits all pool types. Capable of climbing walls & stairs. Filters 300L/min.


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